Softball Division | Upper Providence Little League



You'll find a fun, competitive experience for your daughter regardless of her age. We offer divisions to suit every age:

  • Midgets softball is for players ages 6 – 8. In Midgets, each coach pitches to the players on their team. During the season, players are introduced to player pitch. 


  • Minors softball is for players ages 9-10. In Minors, players experience both machine pitch and player pitch. Pitching distance is 35 feet.


  • Majors softball is for players ages 11-12. Majors is all player pitch. Our Majors division rules adhere closely to those of Little League International, and pitching distance is 40 feet.


  • Junior softball is for players ages 13-14, while Senior softball is for players ages 15 through 18. Our Junior and Senior division rules adhere almost exclusively to those of Little League International, and pitching is from 43 feet