Code of Conduct Policy | Upper Providence Little League


Upper Providence Little League Code of Conduct Policy

No Board Member, Manager, Coach, Player, or Spectator shall:

  1. At any time, lay a hand upon, push, shove, strike, or threaten to strike an umpire or official.
  2. Be guilty of heaping personal verbal or physical abuse upon an umpire or official for any real or imaginary belief of a wrong decision or judgement.
  3. Be guilty of an objectionable demonstration of dissent at an official’s decision by throwing of gloves, helmets, hats, bats, balls, or any other forceful unsportsmanlike action.
  4. Be guilty of using unnecessarily rough tactics in the play of a game against the body of an opposing player.
  5. Be guilty of a physical attack upon any board member, official manager, coach, player or spectator.
  6. Be guilty of the use of profane, obscene or vulgar language in any manner at any time.